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Stepping out of my comfort zone

I don't usually post on a Wednesday but today i did something completely outside of my comfort zone, which i wanted to write a post about. Unlike my other posts i don't think i'll share this one Instagram (i usually upload a photo saying i have a new blog post up) 

So the last post i made featured a little thank you for reaching over 1,000 followers on bloglovin and i wanted to do something to celebrate this milestone. After thinking and thinking of what i could do i eventually decided on making a Facebook page, so i could keep you guys up to date and have sneak previews of what's coming soon to Simply Stevie. 

This morning i decided to go ahead and make this page, not a big deal right? It's only a Facebook page. I write posts on this blog to over 1,000 people, who i don't know and have never met which i'm completely comfortable with. Yet somehow sharing this blog with my friends and people who i know scares me and it's something that's completely outside of my comfort zone. 

The sudden realization that people are actually aware of my blog and have read some of what I've posted seems so surreal to me.  The fact that my college friends even knew about my blog from my Instagram bio started to scare me a little. 

I don't think i ever made a post about how college went with the whole fresh start. I guess it's a bit late now after being there for almost a month; In short i'm actually loving it. I've made some really good friends and for once i'm happy. Things are starting to get back on track. 

I'm glad i made the Facebook page today because for all it's something so minor, it was and still is a big deal to me. Stepping outside of my comfort zone is something i don't particularly do on a day to day basis. So sharing something like this blog which I've worked really hard on, with people i actually know was something i was a bit apprehensive about. 

Having said that the Facebook page has 37 likes so far of people who i actually know in real life, people who have probably never looked at this blog before today and i'm not sure how to feel about that. Everyone seems supportive so far which is a good thing but what if sharing this blog with people i know was a bad thing? 

Stevie x 

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