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Allegra K review*

*This review is sponsored by Allegra K | All opinions are my own*

Hi guys! Apologies for not posting recently I've been super busy with college.

If you like my page on Facebook you will have seen i have a lot of exciting reviews coming very soon to this blog. Allegra K being one of them.

I was lucky enough to be sent three items to review from Allegra K.

The first item i will be reviewing is the Cut Out Back Sleeveless Romper featured in the first picture. The romper comes in three colours (red, navy blue and pale pink) in sizes ranging from XS to XL. Currently only the pale pink romper is in stock but if you send them an email at the customer service team will help you with when it will be back in stock.

I got mine in a size S which would be $14.65 or £11.71, they also ship world wide and have an amazon store if you would prefer to order from there.

Unfortunately the romper is a bit too big for me as i'm only 5'0ft, so the body length was too long. However i can still wear this romper with a cute little belt and it fits a lot better. I'm so glad i can still wear the romper as it is so cute! It looks really classy and would be perfect styled with heels, pumps or even sandals for the summer.

I think this romper is great for daytime and evening as it can be styled in so many ways! I'm wearing it in all three photo's. It's super comfy and isn't restricting at all (in the past i've had some which were restricting).

Overall i really like this romper and it's become a recent wardrobe favorite of mine. Below are some more photo's of the romper.

The next item i am reviewing is the Floral Lace Trim Shorts featured in picture two at the beginning of my post. The Floral Lace Trim Shorts come in four different patterns (floral, paisley, cat heads and geometric print) Which size range from XS to XL, prices starting from $13.33 or £10.72 for the floral shorts.

I got the Floral Lace Trim Shorts in a size S which is $13.35 or £10.73, the shorts fit me perfectly and they have a sporty elastic waist to ensure comfort. The shorts aren't restrictive at all which i;m pleased about.

The best thing about these shorts is that the material used is so soft! Because they're soft and a fitted kind of baggy it means they are super comfy to wear. I could live in these shorts in the summer (providing Britian is sunny which isn't very often.). 

The shorts again are perfect for both daytime and evening as they can be dressed up or down by styling it with heels, trainers or pumps. 

Over all i really like the Floral Lace Trim Shorts, below are some more photo's

Last but not least i have the Buttoned A-line Skirt featured in picture three. The Buttoned A-line Skirt comes in just the beige colour and are only available in XS or XL however, i got mine in a M so you can email their customer service team for when sizes are being restocked. Prices start from $16.91 or £13.61.

The  Buttoned A-line Skirt is unfortunately too big on me unless i tuck a jumper into it or wear a belt. I can thankfully still wear the skirt so i'm happy about that as it's got that 70s vibe but is classy enough to pass off as a 90s indie outfit. I haven't really played around with styling this skirt but i do know it looks amazing with heels and boots. 

I think this skirt is a summer and autumn type of skirt which i really like about it. The material is suede so it's a fairly thick skirt. I think it's really flattering and it's also comfortable to wear without restricting me. 

I really like this item and will have lots of fun pairing outfits with the Buttoned A-line Skirt, below are some more images 

I am aware these items are more of a summer collection, it was freezing outside when taking these photos but i'm really happy with the outcome. 

A big thank you to Allegra K for sponsoring this post and to these edgy kids who came a long to do the photo's which Megan took (she has a blog). Ethan and Connor are also in the photo above.

Expect to have a lot more posts coming your way as i have lots to review at the moment which is super exciting.

Till my next post,

Stevie x 

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  1. Lovely outfits, specially love the buttoned A lined skirt.
    Great post!
    Vanessa x