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Bohemian Island review*

*This post is sponsored by Bohemian Island | All opinions are my own

Hi guys so i was lucky enough to be sent two items to review from Bohemian Island.

If you haven't heard of Bohemian Island they are a company who sell and specialize in harem pants and festival style shorts with little pom poms on for adults and children. I don't know about you but harem pants are something i've always wanted but never knew where to get them so when i found Bohemian Island i was super excited!

Something that really made me smile when recieving these items was a little post card type thing that said for every purchase made on  Bohemian Island, they would donate part of the proceeds from your purchase to the soi dog foundaton. The soi dog foundation take care of stray dogs and cats on phuket Island.

I think that it's such a lovely idea and more companies should be doing amazing things like this with some of the money they make. I'm a massive animal lover, admitdely i have an obsession for dogs, so seeing they help them out only make me love Bohemian Island more as a company.

The first pair i got was the Black elephant print harem pants in standard size which are $27.50 or £22.57.  I would just like to mention Bohemian Island's customer service is amazing, i spoke to a lovely man called Scott who replied very quickly and did his very best to help. Not many companies customer service is at the same level as Bohemian Island's so i was impressed with the whole experience. It was easy and simple, none of that automated responce which some companies have. Just a friendly human ready to help, which personally i really like.

The Black elephant print harem pants are super soft, light weight and possibly the comfiest pair of pants i've ever worn. Since recieving these i've pretty much lived in them on a night! I also want to add they arrived within 2 weeks of ordering.

The description on the website for these pants says

"These majestic and precious creatures line the hills of Phuket Island, and our stunning Black Elephant Harem Pants are also covered in them!

Apart from being truly beautiful, our hand-stitched 100% cotton harems are seriously comfortable, lightweight and breathable.

They've a snugly fitting elasticated waistband and ankles, which mean these pants are one-size-fits-most, and look great on men, women and kids alike. Perfect for festivals, yoga, whilst on the beach or when sat around the campfire, we guarantee you're gonna fall in love with these. "

I couldn't agree more with the description, i can't fault these harem pants at all, the finish and quality of these harem pants are so good and for only £22.57 you can't really go wrong. 

Below are some more images of the harem pants.

The photo's i got really don't do the pants justice as they are gorgeous!

Before i talk about the seccond item i recieved i'll include some photo's below

I am aware these harem pants don't go with the top im wearing but i found a really cool spot for photo's and there was nowhere i could change into the top i had planned for these pants. So i appologise but you get the idea of where i was going with this post.

The Beige Harem pants for me are more an in the house comfy pants usually paired with a PJ top however i have worn them out with a vest top which looked super cute!

Again these Beige Harem pants are £22.57 and the description for these on the website says

"Ooh boring Beige! How dull and unimaginative of us!

Well they might be slightly plain, but now you can wear the #comfiestpantsontheplanet just about EVERYWHERE! 

Rock these 100% cotton beauties at work, to a wedding, a job interview or perhaps even on a first date! "

I don't know about you but i love how witty and down to earth these descriptions are of products on Bohemian Island.

A huge thankyou to Bohemian Island for sponsoring this post and genereally being an awesome company!

Stevie x

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