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On Friday i probably got the most exciting phone call of my life.

As many of you know i'm doing a performing arts course, and recently i was given the opportunity to apply to act in a tv series on channel 4. I sent my details and headshot off to one of the biggest casting directors in the UK which was absolutly nerve wracking. I made the very first step to possibly starting my career as an actress which was insane!

For anyone who knows me, they'll tell you i've wanted to be an actress my entire life. I've acted in my fair share of amature plays and performances but never even step foot into the 'real' acting world.

A week had past since i sent the email off and if i'm honest i wasn't expecting anything to come from it.

And then friday happened.

I recieved a phone call from the casting agency letting me know they want me for an audition for one of the main character roles!?! So in two days time thats what i'll be doing. I'm beyond excited at the fact it could be the start of my career but i'm nervous too for the obvious reasons. Having never been involved in this kind of thing i don't really know what to expect or how the proceedure works.

The thing i'm most shocked about is that it could have been extras work, maybe even just one line which i would have been over the moon with. A main role audition is not what i was expecting at all.

All my life there's been people who say "you'll never get anywhere with acting", "you need loads of money to get anywhere with it". And for some people that maybe true but i've never been rich. I grew up in social housing properties and the likes of tesco value food or 'cheap' alternatives and nothing has changed since i live on my own. I live in a social housing property and still to this day very rarely buy food that's over £1 when i go shopping. Don't get me wrong i was provided for, i had a happy childhood and i wouldn't change anything because it's made me the person i am today.

This audition is a big 'sticking it to the man' to everyone who has ever said i won't get anywhere in acting because i'm not rich. It is possible.

I guess what i'm trying to say if you want something that badly it will happen eventually. If you put all your positive energy into something, at some point it will start to pay off. It won't happen over night - i've been acting in amature things on and off since i was 5, i'm 18 in just over 3 weeks.

If i don't end up getting the role for whatever reason i won't be disheartened because it's my first ever audition. And to me that's okay if i don't get it. Obviously i'd be ecstastic if i did but the fact a huge casting agency has noticed me and wants to even audition me is a massive deal. To some people it might not be a big deal but to me, well, i couldn't be prouder of myself.

I have LOTS of sponsored reviews coming up within this next week, it's a minimum of 5 reviews which you have to look forwards to.

Till my next post have a lovely day,

Stevie x

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