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Valentine's day outfit ideas*

It's officially February, so that means Valentine's day is quickly approaching and for some of you, that might mean rushing around and panicking about what to wear. Whether you have a date or not valentines day is a great excuse to make yourself look cute! So why not treat yourself to a the black pinafore dress from , at only £8.26 it's an absolute bargain and a wardrobe must have!

The black pinafore dress comes in 'one-size' but the straps can be adjusted to shorten or be made longer, this does affect the length and fit of the item as a whole but it's a feature i really like. Being small has it's pro's and con's and i was a bit skeptical of what the fit of this item would be like since it's a one-size fits all. Without adjusting the straps it was very baggy and the material just hung on me rather than complimenting my body. However when i did shorten the straps i absolutly loved the fit.

The fabric on this dress is similar cord and has the same virtcal pattern detail you'd expect from a cord pinafore dress. This dress also has a large pocket on the front and two smaller ones on the bum sort of area; I get a lot of use out of the front pocket because it's the right size to store my phone in or other little bits and bobs that i might need. I don't use either of the two back pockets but i do think it's a nice feature and changes the look of the dress.

I've had a lot of fun playing around with how i pair this dress and if you're following me on instagram (@simplystevie9) i've posted a few photo's of how i've been wearing it. Because this dress is so versitile it's really easy to wear. For more indie type outfits pair it up with a striped top like i have in the photo's above, wear with tights and chelsea boots or a flat shoe, however i chose to wear some chunky soled heel brogues. For a girly type of outfit pair it up with a grey long sleeve top, tights and some boots. Or for more of a skater vibe pair up with a black long sleeve top, fishnets and vans. I also liked wearing differnt types of jumpers underneath to give the dress a completely different look.

If you don't want the dress in black they also do it in a baby pink colour or for other colours in a similar pinafore dress to this one you can look here , prices do vary depending which pinafore dress style you get but are around the same sort of price.

Below are some more photo's of the dress:

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Displaying IMG_1294.JPG

I hope this post has helped some of you with possible outfit ideas, again i really love this item as it can be paired so many different ways depending on your style preference.

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Till next time,

Stevie x

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