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Spring/Summer Outfit

Spring is quickly approaching and if i'm honest i want winter to be over so i can wear some of my other clothes again. Having said that kindly sent me a  pink chocker top in size XS and a split ripped pencil skirt in size M. For size reference i'm a UK 6 for both upper and lower half.

If you are new to my blog you may not know i'm a huge fan of and the cheap but good quality clothes they have available. I've worked with them for more than four years now and they've come along way in that time. The staff are lovely and helpful so if you have any questions be sure to give them an email or check their FAQ section.

pink chocker top review:

I have mixed thoughts on this top because it didn't fit me despite getting the smallest size. If you look on the website the top has flaied arms and cut out shoulders which in my photo it doesn't. This is because the arms were too big and the cut out was almost at my belly. For the purpose of the photo i tyed the arms behind me in a bow which gave me this super cute chocker top. I think i'd wear the top out like that if i found a jacket that would go with it!

The material is good quality and the colour compliments your skin tone. I think it's a really pretty top and it's a shame it didn't fit right. I do still really like it though.

Price: £11.63  Size i got: XS

I love this skirt! It's exactly what i was looking for and will be a staple item for my summer outfits, i can't wait. The skirt fits me really well and it's super comfy. 

The skirt has a zip and button fastening which i like as not many pencil skirts have that. On the website it said the skirt was made of denim and was stretchy which is true, but it's a very thin type of denim. I love the sahde this skirt is in and gets me excited for summer. Overall i really like this item. 

Price: £10.80  Size i got: M

Below are some more photo's of this outfit.

Hope you enjoyed this review! I've just taken photo's for my next upload which is coming soon.

Till next time,

 Stevie x 

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  1. You look seriously stunning! I literally love that skirt it's gorgeous. Your figures lovely, jealous!

    Beckie xo // The Pale Tails