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Technic Electric Beauty X Review

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Brightly coloured metallic eye shadow's anyone?

Count me in! Yours for as little as £1.99 on , what have you got to lose?

This palette is a hidden gem and a firm favourite of mine. I've loved channelling my inner creative side with these bright colours.

 Below are some looks i have created only using this palette.

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Why not try layering eyeshadow on top of lipsticks to create a unique look?

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In the above image i put on a purple lipstick and layered purple, blue, light blue and green eyeshadow to achieve this holographic lip.

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I loveeeee this palette! The colours are really pigmented it's so easy to use, did i mention it's compact and comes with a mirror? Thank you beauty gods.

Below are some swatches

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I find that the colour payoff is stronger when applied with a finger or on a wet brush. However if you want a subtle pop of colour just use an eyeshadow brush, the colours can be layered to create the desired brightness.

Not already sold? Take a look at the 12 eyeshadows you could be getting for £1.99...

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Stevie x

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