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Jeans X Shein

FINALLY a pair of jeans that fit me correctly, Thankyou Shein

           Anyone else seem to have never ending issues with jeans or is that just me? 

From baggy knees, to uncomfortable questionable fits and awkward *camel toe* wardrobe malfunctions, it's clear to say me and jeans don't really get along - Until now

Shein continues to impress me with each item i'm lucky enough to review and these distressed skinny jeans are no exception. 

If you're on the hunt for affordable, good quality jeans i'd definately reccommend these. They're soft, stretchy AND comfortable! 

I just love how easy it is to style these jeans, they instantly add that bit of 'Glam' to even the plainest of tops.

Ripped jeans not your thing? Don't worry they have plenty of other styles too - Head over to for more.

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Till next time,

Stevie x

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  1. They're so nice! I find it really difficult finding jeans that fit nicely too! Might have to have a look on Shein!
    -Kathryn xx

  2. Ah I love this look.. I need a top like that in my life, so comfy but still so stylish! You have a wonderful little blog here too by the way, so happy I have stumbled across it! x