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Fly Free Apparel X Review

I seem to have a love hate relationship with t-shirts at the moment, for whatever reason I just don't feel inspired to wear the ones I own. Which is a shame but they all feel a little boring, as though they are missing something. I began searching online and discovered a style of t-shirt that I just had to have in my collection.

I don't know about you but I am OBSESSED with over sized t-shirts that have back prints, just like this 'Demon Wolf' one from Fly Free Apparel

My inner witchy vibes were instantly drawn to this vibrant, unique design of a demon wolf that has a snake for a tongue, arrows and skulls.  I am in love with the back print, this is by far the coolest top I own - need I say anymore?

In the past I've had SO many white t-shirts that have left me disappointed showing the dreaded bra underneath which can lead to some awkward situations, especially if you weren't aware before you went out. I'm happy to confirm this issue is not one I have experienced with the demon wolf t-shirt, yay for great quality clothes at reasonable prices!

At just £15 this t-shirt is a bargain not to be missed and I recommend checking out some other stuff Fly Free Apparel sell.  I believe this store has great potential in 2018 and I for one am a supporter!

Fly Free Apparel came about from a YouTuber who always dreamed of having a line of his own; the name "Fly Free" has been a close meaning due to people who can't feel "Free" or are unable to do what they want to do. The owner has suffered with feeling "Controlled and Slayed" and has met so many people who also suffer from being judged and can't live a life they dream. He started a YouTube Channel under the name of  "AzzaCurrey" to remind people that you can be free and enjoy a life without doubts and fights.

The clothing line started on 30th of December of 2014 and  was always in the back of his mind after a failed attempted of the first line he started called 'Metfiner' which nothing was complete or felt right about it, so after a year, he saw a couple of YouTube videos of bald eagles flying and it come to mind of an eagle influence name "Fly Free", the clothing industry for the independent brand has mostly been alternative/metal theme, he wants to step away from joining the crowd. The style that fly free has is similar to Drop Dead (back in the 2009) and Thunder Apparel. But in 2016, fly free has stopped from making new products as they are changing the style to more "original" then cheap Gildian with one colour print. The new ultimate Eagle Set will come out in 2019 after almost 5 years of finding the "niche" which he is looking forward to release it soon.

The 'Demon wolf' Tee was kindly gifted to me by Fly Free apparel for review and i am very glad  I discovered the brand.

What do you think of back print tee's?

Till next time,
Stevie x

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