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4 Fashion Styling Favourites

I always like to experiment with my style, trying new things out so I thought I’d mention 4 of my favourite fashion styles I’ve been loving recently! 


Pairing long sleeve tops with baggy t-shirts is vibe and whole mood recently...

I’m also loving layering this green long sleeve with different vest tops and my sun and moon mesh long sleeve top.


Fishnets are such a versatile item they can be paired with so many different kinds of outfits and I used to wear them ALL the time. I’m not sure why I stopped wearing them *maybe I got too cold* anyways fishnet Stevie is backkkkk!

Patterned pants:

Funky pants are making an appearance again and I need to get some more *am so excited to go thrifting some charity shops when this lockdown shiz is over *


So high waisted skinny jeans have been a favourite for a long time but adding a belt completely changes the outfit as can tuck your top into the jeans without looking silly. Plus on some jeans it kinda turns them into ‘Mom jeans’ which also an aesthetic/style I love!  

And that’s my 4 favourite styles I’m loving recently, just a short post today but wanted to update on the subject. 

What are some of your favourite styles?

Till next time,


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