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Astroid Boys

Been vibing to Astroid Boys for at least 4 years now which is madness; The lyrics always resonate and they’re a HUGEEE inspiration of mine - the music without a doubt gets me painting in some creative ways yano. 

I’ve been lucky enough to see them live 3 times AND meet them (plus a few of the supporting artists which is blessed!) 

The first time I saw them live was at The Key Club in Leeds back in 2016.

I met Benji from AB first, he’s also a solo artist sometimes; my favourites are ‘Watch and Learn’ and ‘Blows’.

I then briefly met Traxx (he’s not really about meeting the fans) but his solo music is FIREEEE at the moment; ‘Shake Em Off’ , ‘Ditch’ and ‘Spiritual War’ are getting me through life on real.

I also met GroveStreet Familes who were supporting Astroid Boys at The Key Club.

‘Cheque’ is one of my absolute favourite Astroid Boys songs due to the motivational but real and raw lyrics that just hit home for me;
“We ain't made it, but our foot's in the door
And it looks like we're cooking some more
This year I'm stepping up a level, I don't want a medal
Just forgive me for the shit I done wrong
I made a big impact in the game
I will always remain the same
Never forgetting where I come from”

The second time I saw Astroid Boys live was at The Parish in Huddersfield in 2017.

‘Rinsa’ is another favourite song of mine and I think the lyrics are jokes...'I go forward with focus - Some mandem they see me and hate; Sit your bumboclart, rasclart down...You ever want something so much and it happens n you're like fuck how the fuck did it happen..yeah proud'

I met Benji for a second time, big upssssss!

Met Traxx again *Shame ma ex is in the pic tho lol*

I also met Sonny Double 1 who features in ‘Foreigners’. Some of my favourite lyrics from the song are "It's time for action
Separate yourself from the actors
Learn your craft sideways and backwards
You set the scene, then you set your own standards
That's how you show you're a badman
Let it be known"

The third time of seeing Astroid Boys was at The Key Club in Leeds again, in 2017; but it was messy one (sick night but not for pictures lol) as you can see... 

Got spangled and had a mint time every Astroid Boys gig, it's shame they're on hiatus but best of memories and their music keeps on motivating/inspiring me everyday!

Where do you get your inspirations from? 

                                                               What Bands/Artists have you seen live?

Till next time,

Stevie X

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