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Cosmic Creative X Art Therapy

My art teacher in school once said 'you can’t just create art you have to plan it, try out multiple different versions and experiments first'...oh how they were so wrong!

I’m not sure how other people go about making their art therapy pieces but I thought I’d share how I do mine. 

For me at least...Art therapy is about going with the flow, using colours initially drawn to and doing what comes naturally; working with your emotions which can be such a powerful thing for any mood really -  if you just let go and do it for the process, rather than the typical perfectionist approach.

I worked with biro and watercolour originally as I liked how expressive watercolour could be.

I also experimented with adding a few re-cycled ‘junk’ elements to the pieces in my first book as I’d seen people do art ‘junk’ journaling and mixed media journaling pieces previously...and it just sorta developed from there; I now use Re-cycled materials in all of my pieces for my backgrounds and additional 3d elements (Amazon packages are a favourite to use recently!!)

I find biro easier to initially draw with however I did just draw with sharpie for a bit but I now use it to outline and finish off the piece. 

I also discovered paint pens (which were was a turning point that really developed art style)

Within my art therapy work I like to use quotes or song lyrics that represent my mood and I also like to do motivational ones to aid with the personal growth process.  ”Healing is done through layers” and that is the entire premise of my art style. 

 I’ve got a few blog posts coming soon of the methods and processes I use for Cosmic Creative such as; my favourite re-cycled materials to use and product reviews.

What art styles have you tried in the past?

 Have you tried (or will you be) producing art for the process rather than perfectionist approach?

Till next time,

Stevie x

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