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Green Fashion Society X Shoot #RELOVEPRELOVED


A year ago I did a collaborative shoot in Manchester with THE loveliest talented creatives for the Green Fashion Society #relovepreloved May19 Issue; "A big project about fashion sustainability, a collaborative publication between fashion art direction students and photography students focusing on ethical fashion issues through editorials and written communications."

I'm a Fashion, Theatrical, Media Hair + Makeup student in Leeds but i still wanted to get involved as it's a project that massively resonated with my personal values; This was the start of my confidence building as I’d never met them before so it was massively out of my comfort zone however I’m so glad I did it because it’s one of my favourite experiences!

‘when we throw things away it must go somewhere and it’s becoming more important to be aware of more ethical/ eco-friendly purchases and ways of living’


Styling and direction @onagreenwoodart *Check out Ona's portfolio it's sickkk*

“Make, Thrift, Swap, Borrow and use what you have; Buy less, choose well and make it last!”

- All second hand clothing styling for this shoot!

I had so much fun and found the location/styling choices super inspirational! 

Behind the scenes boomerang...

                     “Call it eco-fashion if you want, I just think it’s common sense” 

“Up-cycle not just re-cycle, repeating your wardrobe pieces in different ways gives your own style a distinction compared to looking for something new.” 

I did a boxy blue, green and yellow ombre eye makeup look for this shoot which I’d never attempted before but it turned out pretty well, like I rate it would probably wear it again - despite the strange looks I got on the way home...

For more information you can watch their ‘Fast fashion vs. Green fashion interview speaking the “hidden truth of the fast fashion industry - We can all individually take control and make a greener future for fashion.”

You can also check out the GFS Instagram or the GFSPortfolio for more.

Do you prefer to shop online or in person?

What are your personal core values? 

Till next time,

Stevie  X

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