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In memory of Luna (Some of my favourite images/videos) 

If you know me personally you’ll KNOW just how much of an impact Luna had on me or if you follow me on @cosmiccreativebits you’ll also be aware (but if not you can read wagwan - See post)

Luna was originally a stray cat that my ex’s sister found and called Muffin, she had 4 other cats and Luna was so shy and intimidated by the other cats/ new people. 

We discovered she LOVED fluffy things! Theodore was already cuddling with me on this fur blanket and Luna joined which was the first time she’d done anything like that. 

I also bought a blue fluffy jumper which was the beginning of our magical bond.

Luna was a well travelled cat, we went on a fair few sleepovers together and this one in particular I did a funky makeup look so decided to take some pictures together. 

The snowman jacket was the absolute pinnacle; it was her most favourite thing in the world!

My one-eyed sleepy little kitty with a smile and personality that could melt any heart - Life really was complete.

I also had 3 goldfish; Clarence, Tyson and Angelo which Luna loved to watch/ Climb on top of the tank when it was bedtime because she was funny one like that but at least she bonded with em I guess. 

I kinda miss our morning routine – she’d fully shout at me to pick her up when brushing my teeth so she could do this assault course on me and I swear she timed the event because if I’d been longer than 2 mins brushing my teeth she’d let me know... 

This video was the first time she’d ever played with the green toy; my friend Corey (some may know as @z4via from the collab book) was trying for ages to get her to play with it and he managed just as we were recording... It was such a beautiful moment! 

For Christmas someone got Luna a laser pen toy and it took her a while to spot it with only having the one eye but when she did she really went for it and it was rare for her to be full of so much energy like that! 

She liked to sit on my chest 90% of the time and she was too cute not to take selfies with idk what to tell ya. 

She was skin and bone when I first got her and this picture was the first time I’d realized just how much she’d grown, she was so ill but she was a warrior till the very end; Luna taught me so much and truly helped to make me a better person!   

This was the first night I brought her home and she was attached to the snowman for most of it looking like this.

Beyond blessed to know such a beautiful soul and I’m eternally grateful for the time that we got together. 

She deserved so much more than life offered and Luna will forever hold a place in my heart.

Till next time,

Stevie x

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