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Recycled Materials X Cosmic Creative

Wow. It’s almost June! Time is flying by this year; I have loads of content coming soon but this post is dedicated to my favourite recycled materials to use within the Cosmic Creative pieces. 

Should I spare you of any rubbish puns and get on with the post? 

I’m by no means endorsing smoking (so I will not be naming the brands involved); however if you do already smoke, you’ll be aware of how much litter it produces from just the packaging of the items.

 A lot of the packaging are made of cardboard and it got me thinking how wasteful and damaging it is for the environment, for this to be binned so frequently. I’d also seen people do junk journaling pieces before so I  guess this concept/thought process was my starting point for using recycled materials for the backgrounds.

Stuck together papers from wet weather conditions can be a real pain, meaning the pack is no longer usable for its intended purpose...Get some PVA glue and watch them transform into a tissue paper texture for your backgrounds! 


Another favourite type of recycled materials to use is ‘Junk Mail’ items such as leaflets and go local magazines. Free art supplies delivered straight to your door - not bad, huh? 

You can also use other packaging items for different textures...experiment with what you already have available as it saves the environment and can make for some funky elements to a piece!

Have you tried working with any recycled materials in your art before?  

Till next time,

Stevie x 

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