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Weirdos Short Film X My Story

Last year, I went away to Filey for a few days with Northern Film School as the MUA for their short film ‘Weirdos’ *as some of you will already be aware if you follow me on @simplystevie9*

I got involved with this amazing opportunity through uni; they always have loads extracurricular things like this but I’d not had the confidence *in myself or my ability* to put myself forward prior to this. 

This is where the actors stayed and before/during filming it was used a ‘backstage’ area for makeup applications. It was also used for cast and crew that weren’t needed for that specific scene. 

The crew and myself stayed in a hostel in Scarborough, it had no wifi or signal but they had chickens outside which was novel. 

 It was lovely meeting people of all ages that were involved with the short film and I’d not experimented with male makeup or for older skin types so while it was challenging I was proud to have successfully applied to both.  

Also I did a funky mermaid makeup look; I got to use some metallic shades, glitter and temporary tattoos which were ace as it’d been a while since I’d done a look like that! 

I saw a rainbow over the sea which I thought was beautiful so I took a picture...

Overall the experience massively challenged my comfort zones as I’d never done a short film from the MUA perspective (just photo shoots which is kinda a different procedure to film) and again I knew nobody before filming but I had no reason to be nervous; I found that I actually gained confidence from doing this and realised just how much passion I have for being an MUA.

If you want to know more about the short film you can look at their Instagram (@weirdos_film)

Till next time,
Stevie x

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