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The world we live in today is corrupt; there is a lack of empathy, compassion and humanity.

As a society we NEED to do better.

People have been murdered by police brutality for simply being black; I can’t understand why anyone would think it’s ethically correct for racist behaviour to be allowed.  There are some petitions you can sign and ways to help on

Did you think slavery had been abolished? Yeah, Nah...

‘In USA prisons there is a form of modern slavery (A.K.A prison labour) which is used by corporations’ to “cut down on production costs despite being more than able to use other ways”.  Some of the corporations that are involved in this are McDonalds, P&G, Pepsi and the Unilever Group, to name but a few.

We buy from these corporations all the time and it’s disgusting what’s been going on. Here’s a petition you can sign to abolish prison labour.

White privilege is real and change is NEEDED!!!

Do some research, educate yourself...You’ll be shocked and ashamed at the blatant disrespect black people have been subjected to, not only throughout history but in modern day.

The BLM Database is a great place to start educating yourself, but there are so many other useful podcasts, books, documentaries and resources out there!

It’s down to each and every one of us to break the cycle and stand up for what is right; have some fucking morals!!


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